Apple http/https

Does anyone know if there is an apple cache?
Today we noticed that apple store applications and updates are not caching anymore by HTTPs cache servers, and when we checked through DPI, we found that it's been changed into HTTPS! Does anyone know what is going on?


Apple has had requirements in place for a while that developers and the like had to start only supporting secure connections (App Transport Security - basically apps are no longer allowed to make http connections).

Likely they may have thrown the switch on some backend stuff to finally enforce that for other things too (like app store downloads).

Hi Ahmed,

We have been using the Apple specific content caching feature for a while now.

It’s something you enable on a mac (we use a mac mini) which then get discovered on your local network via a DNS TXT record or bonjour.

Hope this helps.

I can confirm this works well. It’s a bit tricker w/ IPv6 but with IPv4 it works and you can serve a lot of software updates out of the cache.

Mac mini w/ large SSD is a common application that people do

# AssetCacheManagerUtil status
    CacheDetails = {
        "Apple TV Software" = 732593844;
        "Mac Software" = 28762157836;
        Other = 5047787109;
        iCloud = 25227716657;
        "iOS Software" = 15765184801;
    TotalBytesAreSince = "2019-11-04 16:44:33 +0000";
    TotalBytesImported = 2198032684;
    TotalBytesReturnedToClients = 22369111463;
    TotalBytesStoredFromOrigin = 9485169600;
    TotalBytesStoredFromPeers = 4171229773;