Apparent widespread Worldcom ATM failure

Furthering my previous:
I have been told that this outage totals 5 OC-48s and
over 100 T-3 circuits around the country. No ETR reported.

-george william herbert

This and other outages on MFN and AT&T have been caused by a freight train
derailment north of Baltimore.

I've heard it's a train tunnel fire and the outage is much worse (many
more large circuits affected).

Who says laying fiber beside RR tracks is a bad idea?

I think its a great idea but put some junction boxes in. My company is 100
yards from the main line between LA and SF. Just about everybody has buried
fiber along that line. Think I could get a connection? No... I have to live
with PacBell and copper cabling.

Roy Engehausen

John Fraizer wrote: