Apology: [Re: Tier-2 reachability and multihoming]

> and if you peer with all networks in the 'transit free zone' then you too become
> transit free also.

  er.. hate to rain on your parade but if I peer with everyone

these are not the words of someone hating to rain on me!

  i need/want to exchange traffic with, i am transit-free, even
  if I -NEVER- touch any other part of the commercial Internet...

mmm yeah but in the context we have here of ISPs providing connectivity to other
ISPs or enterprises this isnt very realistic so i dont see the point of arguing
the technicality.

  my packets get to where they need to go and all packets I want
  get to me. my life is good ... even if I only appear as vestigal
  to the commercial Internet, if I appear at all.

sounds more like an enterprise with specific requirements to connect to a
limited part of the internet.. this is not the sort of ISP operation that i am
working in.

  how would you classify such a network? T1, T2, ODDBALL-0,
  non-Internet-265, ???



> 701 is not the most connected, it has only customers and a restrictive
> set of peers?

Ok, I'm just bored enough to bite.

but not as bored as bill, randy or patrick it would seem :slight_smile:

If we're talking about a contest to see who has the most number of directly
connected ASNs, I think UU might still win, even with a restrictive set of

I didnt think we were, kinda happened.. if peering partners is a compensation
for something else its pretty sad :wink:

Maybe I'm wrong, i checked with renesys and their data has 701 with 5200
adjacencies followed by 1239 with 3500 anyway i care enough to have snipped the

Which begs the question, what is the largest number of ASNs that someone peers
with? Patrick? :slight_smile: Somehow I suspect that 701's customer base (702 and 703
aren't included in the above count BTW) overpower even the most aggressively
open of peering policies, in this particular random pointless and arbitrary
contest at any rate.

so what are we debating again? :slight_smile:


As long as their price point for their connectivity is set such that they
can remain a viable ongoing business concern while fulfilling the requirements
of my contract, it doesn't really matter, except at contract renegotiation time.
At that point, if I know they're making money off selling others transit to
my packets, I may try to negotiate a price concession....