APOLOGIES: QB server hiccups

Autocorrect changed a misspelled recipient to “nanog”.

  paul (grovelling for forgiveness)

Not quite. What happened was sometime in the past Brian sent an email
to NANOG from a domain publishing a DMARC record. Mailman on nanog@
wraps such an email and (like it or not) sets the From: as "Brian …
via NANOG <nanog@nanog.org>" and then various MUAs decide to save that,
and the next time someone starts typing "Bry…" into their To: field it
pulls up "Brian … via ," (which nobody every pays close enough
attention to). The blame can be spread around wide, but it is what it
is and everyone should be aware of it.

-Jim P. ("Who the hell would code something like that?!?!")