Hello Everybody,

Somebody from apews, could you please contact me off list?
Thank you.

(a) unlikely to happen
(b) probably doesn't matter anyway, apews isn't widely used
(c) better directed to the spam-l mailing list


That's a bit like requesting contact from someone on Mars. APEWS (and *PEWS variations) are 'home-brew DNSBLs' run by a handful of kids from bedrooms and attics, with no clue or care. More than half the world is listed by these tiny DNSBLs and normally nobody ever notices, because nobody uses *PEWS lists except the odd guy running a home mail server for him, the wife and 4 cats. You only noticed because someone told you to go and look, right?

There is not a single ISP or production mail server anywhere in the world using APEWS. If you're 'listed' in any *PEWS list, its having no effect on your mail at all. Ignore it.

   Steve Linford
   The Spamhaus Project

the matter was about two bugs i have found while trying to apply their
list for my needs. but since you're saying "unlikely to happen" - let
bugs sit there for long long time.
I wash my hands :slight_smile: