AOL tarpitting?

had AOL tarpitting gotten quite a bit more aggressive in the last
few days?

It happened to us and we signed up for their "feedback loop" and
rerouted our mail to them via another route.

The new route was tarpitted within 24 hours and absolutely nothing
was communicated to us about it via the "feedback loop".

Does that thing actually work?

Any contacts, on or off list who could advise?


One of the sites I run (hosted on cihost) recently started getting bad SMTP responses from AOL. We worked around by routing AOL and Compuserver mail through a gateway that cihost claims is "clean", but we haven't been able to get a clear story on why our IPs were being blocked, or how to unblock them. I had heard elsewhere that AOL is cracking down on ISPs they feel aren't keeping clean, but I don't know if that's related.