aol rejects mailing lists?

Thus said "J.F. Noonan" on Wed, 20 Jun 2001 17:00:41 CDT:

When I first read it, I laughed out loud because I *do* tend to
think of AOL as an incorrect domain. But this, coupled with
Christian's report, looks more like they've broken something than
done something deliberate. Telneting to port 25 of times out at the moment...

Hmm, that shouldn't come as a surprise since it isn't even listed as an

[andy@home:mail andy]$ dnsmx

In addition, unless you have some special routes, I'm not even sure how
you are getting anywhere with that name:

[andy@home:mail andy]$ dnsip

Which is clearly a private class address as defined by RFC 1918.
Probably a big no-no publishing private addresses in your public DNS,
but this is AOL we're talking about, right? :slight_smile:


Arrgh! <self-lart>

I grabbed the address out of the transaction log and tried it
without really thinking about it. No, it's not really a surprise
as I filter 1918 addresses at my border.

Anyway, someone else posted to that list containing the two AOL
addresses three hours ago, and I just sent one myself, and I've
had no bounces from either post yet. Maybe it was just passing
brain damage, now healed.