AOL Megaproxies?

Is anyone on this list familiar with the AOL “megaproxies”?

I’m trying to find out if they only proxy HTTP/HTTPS traffic or if it’s all TCP connections. I’m working on setting up load balancers for a client application and need to know if I can expect users to keep coming from the same IP for the most part.

Normally I’d think that they only proxy web connections, but some links say otherwise:

  • Refers to TCP connections as a general topic, not just http/s. - Refers to the AOL proxies with “all TCP connections” Anyone have any experience with AOL in this regard? Thanks, Nathan

Did that and it seemed like they weren’t proxying unknown traffic but one test isn’t really a good indication of how their entire system works. Hoping to get a response from someone who actually knows their network. :slight_smile:

  • Nathan

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