AOL Email Blocking

A while back I enlisted help for setting up a small email list server. It is now complete but only AOL is blocking my outbound email.

Using their tools they did not report my IP as having a bad reputation. I applied for white listing my single IP and provided ALL the necessary feedback and white listing was denied.

Can anyone here point me to someone to get this fixed. It is a small private email list for a local fire department with all consenting recipients.



Please email me the details. Also please provide the ticket number for investigation. Thanks.

Vish Subramanian
AOL Mail Postmaster Operations

What your logs are saying? Have you read the bounces?

Thanks to everyone that has responded. The issue has been addressed and worked out. For those of you that asked, I was getting the following:

421 DYN:T1

  * The IP address you are sending from has been temporarily rate
    limited due to lack of whitelisting
    <>, unexpected
    changes in volume, or poor IP reputation

Robert Webb

Send me your IP (off list if desired) and I'll evaluate it and possibly
provide some feedback that may be helpful!