Anyone planning to peer with these guys ?

Showed up on a mailing list, reportedly sent by Walt Rines from a Hotmail
account. If they set up their own network, that's A-OK with me unless, of
course, someone foolishly connects it to the Internet.

John Levine,,, Trumansburg NY postmaster

Cyber Promotions/Quantum Communications

   Press Release

   Spam Backbone Formed

    ... etc ...

Also saw it on (,4,16682,00.html).
What caught my eye was this bit at the bottom of the page:

    "The only thing that's going to turn us off is either a
    law or the antispammers finding a way to attack us to
    the ground," [Sanford] said.

    Wallace added that if the network doesn't work, then
    he will officially throw in the towel.

    "If this doesn't work, nothing will," he said. "If it
    doesn't go, then that's it for me--I'm done."

Cool. All we need to do is blackhole any routes to him for a little while
(the oh-so-familiar and oh-so-easy "y'can't get thar from heah"), and he's
given up. woo-hoo!


Gentlemen and Ladies

The simple solution here is the end user doesn't want
unsolicited email.

Should one of these direct mailings come to my mail box
I will be compelled to support my provide with the right to
sue with the invasion of my paid for private account by
intrusive and burdensome harassment and subjecting me
to provider notices that I am exceeding my my email quota's
with to many files.

I speak for silent majority of the internet community on
this issue, since I use the internet on both ends of the
spectrum it is easy to see the entire picture.

I am hoping that you the managers of the NAP's
and various portions of the backbone will create
a uniform policy to not carry these types of services
for money. The right to refuse service is your
right as A business and supported by current law.

Henry R. Linneweh

Eric Osborne wrote: