Anyone planning to peer with these guys ?

Showed up on a mailing list, reportedly sent by Walt Rines from a Hotmail
account. If they set up their own network, that's A-OK with me unless, of
course, someone foolishly connects it to the Internet.

John Levine,,, Trumansburg NY postmaster

   Sanford Wallace: 215-628-9705
   Walter Rines: 603-772-4096

What a wonderful opportunity to give them a call.


   The "Spam King," Sanford Wallace, and Walt Rines
   Have incorporated their new bulk-email friendly backbone network

This is great. Finally, just what we wanted. All of it gone with a single
AS path filter.... Just let us know which one. :wink:


   Technical Details: GTMI has established a national backbone which
   operates as a fully-meshed network operating at DS-3 speeds, and
   interconnecting, or "peering" with several other networks at undisclosed
   private peering points. Multiple Lucent 5E12 switches, capable of
   processing data using multiple protocols including Internet (IP)
   Protocol, will route the traffic through the network. Dr. Robert
   Elliot, Chief Technology Officer, was quoted as saying, "We are excited
   about employing the Lucent 5E12 switches in the new network
   architecture. It just proves that IP telephony is becoming a reality."

Could someone more clued in on Lucent switches comment on this? I went to
Lucent's web site and did a search for 5E12 and it returned nothing. I
found some stuff on 5E11, which apparently is a new software release for
the 5ESS-2000 switch.


FWIW, In my years in telephony, past and present, I've always known the
5ESS (5E) as a Class Five (end-office) Central Office switch. The
trailing numeric is usually indicative of the 'generic', or software rev.
that the switch is operating on.

Exclusively voice, too ... although I haven't kept up on the more recent
developments that come with the 5ESS-2000 platform/chassis.


Hrm, I have seen it mentioned many times in reference to ISDN lines...?

(or am I thinking of something else?)


   > Sanford Wallace: 215-628-9705
   > Walter Rines: 603-772-4096

   What a wonderful opportunity to give them a call.

please remember to call collect.


whoops, i sent irrelevant dreck to nanog. seppuku follows.


The 5ESS platform is certainly capable of providing ISDN, as it sees the
ISDN services (BRI and PRI) as dial-tone services -- digital dial-tone,
but dial-tone just the same. (POTS dial-tone is a given for a Class 5




- jra

Indeed, that is the standard way of referring to a generic software
load for a 5ESS switch. I gather the 5ESS-2000 has some data networking
capabilities, though, so they may be only partially clueless.

-- jra