anyone knows about extreme switch


I have old model extreme switch

Anyone knows about hyperterminal setting.

ls null modem cable same as HP serial cables?

I try both cables in this switch and can see the boot information
but keyboard is not responsing !

Thank you

We use Extreme products, but use telnet or SSH behind firewall.

Can you use telnet? It provide more flexibility, but SSH is more secure

Regardless of the connection the CLI configuration is the same.

HyperTerminal setting?

Baud rate-9600
Data bits-8
Stop bit-1
Flow control-XON/XOFF

Cable: Null-Modem RS-232 (9 pin to 25 pin)

Good luck!


Thank you
it works properly

Do you know the default pw?

Thank you again

The default user name is admin and there is no password.