Anyone home at SBC Security group ??

Just as I post "good jobs" to those that have respond quickly to
active security issues (read NOT spam), I'll post those that stall
and are less than responsive.

Calling any security person at SBC. Your customer

is currently performing actions against networks we help manage
and those actions are impacting their ability to provide service.

over 8 hours ago, an email was sent to your published abuse@
address an there has been no reponse, yet the traffic continues.

A call to the NOC number listed for the IP block, yielded a "
can't help you, send email to abuse@, they will get to it
when they do. With no ability to escalate given email failure"

The attack has been underway for over 12 hours.

If you have valid, helpful (solves this attack problem), and
are from SBC, please reply PRIVATELY, so as not to invalidate
the NANOG S/N ratios.

We now return you to heavy discusions about SMTP headers,
there legality, and other such standard NANOG topics.


john brown

Welcome to the world of being a CUSTOMER of SBC... It doesn't
get any better if you're paying them for service... I would have to say
SBC is at the top of the list for poor security response and is one of
the few companies I deal with that you can't actually reach anything
other than a recording saying to send email which will in most cases
never be answered... I still have open security issues that are 3+
months old that have never been replied too...