Anyone having issues with Equinix IX out of Ashburn?

At about 4:15 am eastern we lost our bgp peers on the Ashburn IX at Equinix. Equinix is not responding to our support requests, either they are overloaded with support requests or all on holiday. Curious if others know if there are known issues at this site or is it just us.

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We've seen issues as well. We've just started to turn the exchange up
again and check if it's fixed.


Seems it was some icmpv6 neighbor solicitation multicast storm.

Got about > 800kpps this morning for about 4hours...

Strange there is no rate limits somewhere...


All of our IX peers dropped around 11 UTC. All recovered about 30 mins later.

Received a notification shortly after reporting the problem at 6am this morning about "issues" on the Exchange. We saw packet input on our routers in upwards of 350K pps, with all peers disabled. Looked to be a broadcast/multicast storm.

Seems to be good now, but no explanation of what was found.


I think we saw an issue like this a few weeks back in Chicago. It took them longer than I would have expected to fix it, later they ultimately ended up upgrading software I think.

Graham Johnston
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Westman Communications Group
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Storm caused by an L2 loop, malicious attack, bug in router code, or something else?