Anyone Deployed Ascend's GRF IP Switch?

i don't understand all of the mail comparing the two, there is really no
comparison. the GSR blows the GRF away. there is an order of magnitude
difference in the aggregate b/w supported between the two correct? 4Mb/s
vs 40Mb/s. Also, not that I know anything about the GRF but I think Cisco
claims that 7500 real-world performance is much better than the GRF400.

You have a GSR in production then? I have a GRF in production with
ATM, FDDI and Ethernet, we use it to talk to Nortel Passport Switches
and other GRFs. We also have a GRF plugged in to the FDDI Waveswitches at
the LINX and yes we've had a few problems with the box, mostly on the ATM
side, but Ascend are attentive and produce fixes and new features regularly.
I'm looking forward to the new 1.4 software which looks good.
Also because it runs gated, routeing with the box is very good, I've had
no BGP4 problems with this, other than I wish they would release the
gated as a seperate software product so I can run it on my non-GRF routers.

maybe someone can post some performance numbers.

I believe the Tolly group did some [not that I'd trust anything to
come out of them].