Anyone Deployed Ascend's GRF IP Switch?

We are in the development phase of engineering the deployment of
60 POPs throughout the US. Our 'standard' configuration is normally
based upon
cisco equipment and more often than not consists of a 7513 connected
to a Catalyst
5000/5500 via FDDI with the various internal LAN segments switched
from there via FD 100BaseTX.

We've begun to explore the viability of deploying the GRF for several
not the least of which is cost and performance. Given (and taken
with a grain
of salt) the apparent performance differential between the cisco 7513
and the
Ascend GRF (the GRF outperforms the 7513 substantially in our tests,)
concerns are more operations-related.

The GRF DOES support the 'full' implementation (including extensions)
BGP4 and the other 'vanilla' TCP services that you'd come to expect
a router (er, layer 3 switch?) of this caliber. Since it's NOT a
we'd have to deviate and not utilize EIGRP as our IGP of choice, and
OSPF which poses its own set of issues.

SO, the bottom line...has anyone else deployed multiple GRF400's with
Ascend will tell you that UUNET has deployed (or is going to) a
hundred or so.
I want to talk to people USING the technology, not thinking about it.

Your comments and opinions are welcomed.


Christofer Hoff

Talk to Nathan Stratton at Netrail. He's our collective test case :slight_smile:

Aren't you looking at Cisco's BFR too?


The new name for the BFR (Big F**king Router) is the GSR. As much as I
like cisco and it's configurablility, The Ascend GRF is still a very
powerful box for a lot less than the biggest cisco out there that can't
perform close to it. The only problem I have with the GRF is that if
you're a newbie to GateD, then it will take you a bit of tinkering to get
a working setup. This was my case since I'm much more accustomed to the
Cisco way of doing things. However, the GRF is a nice change.

Joe Shaw -
NetAdmin - Insync Internet Services
"Learn more, and you will never starve." - Paraphrase of Lee

We have been trying to get a BFR (now GSR) in, but I think Cisco does not
want a GSR next to a GRF or something. :slight_smile:

Nathan Stratton President, CTO, NetRail,Inc.

There are GSR's next to GRF's in other locations, don't worry.

Any explanation on what happened at the NAP this weekend? Enquiring minds
want to know.