Anyone competent within AT&T Uverse?

Does anyone know anyone within AT&T Uverse who actually knows what
TCP/IP is? Maybe even how to read a packet trace?

I've been trying to get my static IP block working again since Saturday
when they broke it while fixing an unrelated problem. I can't believe
how incompetent their tech support has been on this. An hour into a chat
with them and I finally realize they don't have a clue what I'm talking
about...this is very frustrating...

Their premise techs try very hard, but I get the strong impression that
the network support people randomly perturb provisioning until it works
again, and that's why they keep breaking unrelated things.

I'm still wondering if this Internet stuff is ready for prime time...



Ask to be escalated to Tier 2. If they can't help, ask for another escalation. Show them traceroutes if you can (maybe from your phone or from one of us) from other networks so they can see where it's dying.

You need to talk to Alcatel Tac team. They will be able to help you. Prem tech don't have the knowledge or resources. Tier one is useless and can only do basic diagnostics., tier two won't be able to help but they can open an AOTS ticket that can engage Alcatel Tac. Good luck. May need to insist on executive escalation. Just saying.

Thomas L Graves

Phil if you can send me your full name, address, billing telephone number, contact number, U-Verse BAN if you know it, and what is wrong and for how long, I can escalate this to get immediate attention.


One wonders if this is an industry trend.

Outsourcing the outsourcers to other outsourcers... and at the end of the
day everyone is congratulating everyone that the SLAs have been met :))