Anyone alive at


-I emailed both email addresses listed on the website contact
  -I have not as of this email received a response to my request or that
email from you
  -Jeff's email bounces since it's an and that seems to be rejecting
all mail from both and

  will get that checked out.
  other requests are being received and processed so there is an
  problem somewhere.

-I see no fax/phone contact information listed on the website. If you
provide them, I will use them.

  true. I had thought they were there. whois will tell you.
  for your reference:

  +1.310.322.8102 voice
  +1.310.322.8889 fax

-The webpage the IX gave me to register for IP space contained no phone/fax
contact information.

  that will be corrected.

-I attempted to contact your INOC-DBA line, it was not active.

  office moves / not hooked back up yet.

So yes, really.
Could you please provide me with what we are missing to receive allocation.

  we have no data on which to act.