Any2 LAX

Did Any2 LAX barf last night between about 1am and 8am Pacific time?

Something happened... All my traffic dropped between 1am to 3am.


More like 00:00-7:45 (Pacific time).

Anyone know what broke, and why the IX was dead for nearly 8 hours?
This is our second recent issue with "an Any2 IX", having dealt with an IX partition event at Any2 Denver just a few weeks ago.

What I saw was a lot of unreachable nexthops (I'm in LA2) on routes advertised through the route servers. Most of my direct BGP sessions were down, but a handful were still working including the route servers.

For example, I was getting routes for AS29791 from the route servers, but nexthop was dead to me. Not to pick on Internap other than a mutual customer called me directly at 1am and wanted to know why things were down.

I killed the route server sessions and went back to sleep.

Feels like LA1 and LA2 got split, but however the route servers interconnect still worked, which was problematic.

Yea, it was down but both RS are online and feeding us unreachable nexthops during the outage .

Also saw a major traffic drop. There is a Root Cause to be issued early in the week I’m told.


This is what I got from those guys ...

Was that an automated email? Last time I got any email from Coresite was April 22.


Like Seth, i haven’t gotten anything from them.