Any Wave/Astound clue on the list?

Going on 12 hours on an outage that is due to a power outage somewhere. According to the Wave/Astound NOC, generator(s) were on the way 6 hours ago…

If you could hit me up offlist, i can give you the master ticket number.

I’m having a hard time figuring out why it takes 6 hours to get a generator up and running in Silicon Valley.

Thank you in advance for any help.


Is this a cable modem connection? Fiber-to-coax media converters and coaxial trunk amplifiers are fed from AC transformers on random poles or next to random underground pedestals. They need to roll a truck to the location(s) without power and basically set up a generator and plug the power injector into it. They typically use little Honda portables (which need refueling fairly often). Unless you're real close to the cable company's head-end there usually isn't any kind of automatic backup power.

When there's a local power outage near me in Oregon, Wave doesn't even bother with generators as typically their customers' power in the area is out too.

Negative, PTP fiber circuit.