Any men out there !.

Hi there. I am Mary Jane.

I am Filipino and I live in Manila, the capitol of the Philippines. The
original pearl of the orient.

In this land we have many of the world's most beautiful sights. Perhaps the
most beautiful sight to behold are the girls like me, with smiles to die for.

Can you imagine, long black silky fine hair, brown sharp knowing eyes, a
mixture of Latin and Asian features on top of my 5'6" body with my legs
taking up most of that and with 37/24/36 curves not even the safest car in
the world can handle.

I am quite young, I am not going to let you know how young, but I am old
enough and I would like to take you, my American dream man, on a tour of this
beautiful Country.

My beautiful young friends are all here waiting for you if I am busy or not
here when you call and I believe we can give you memories never to be

Call us when you are free and ready to let your imagination run riot.

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