any issue with Centurylink yesterday

Is there any issues with centurylink yesterday? Through out day, peering from major iSPs to Centurylink had higher latency yesterday. I looked out now, it seems to settle down for now.


There may have been other events, but we were notified of a fiber cut in the Nashville area that impacted a few ckts for us around 6:30PM easter.


I know most of the day yesterday my Centurylink DSL (Denver, CO) I was
having.... odd... issues, but only to some sites, and intermittent. I'd
have issues getting content from a URL (but pinging the host would be fine,
and manual telnet to TCP/443 would work). Latencies were *slightly* higher
than normal (36ms to a site vs 18ms normal), but I just chalked it up to
'Centurylink' and figured eventually it'd resolve itself.

This morning it all seems well again, so no idea WTF the problem was
(honestly I didn't look at it too much, as I was more motivated to go out
and enjoy the gorgeous weather instead).


Yeah, not sure that was related, as my issues started earlier in the day
(about 8am-9am Mountain time).

Either way it all seems fine today, no hiccups, no issues. so whatever it
was got resolved.


Hi Ken,

When I hear those symptoms my brain jumps to path MTU discovery.

Bill Herrin

Yeah, it sounds like it. ICMP echo/echo reply was working end-to-end, but
it's possible they were blocking the Type 4 messages somewhere (I didn't
resort to packet captures to get THAT in-depth).