Any from PSI on this list?

I can't seem to reach anyone at PSI who knows what I am talking about, so
I thought I would try here.

Lately, our connectivity to PSI has gotten worse; to the point where
customers complaing about getting to sites from PSI.

The thing is, PSI has a 'MEGA-PoP' about 14 feet away from me at 33
Whitehall Street, in NYC.

I know PSI peers there with a few folks; are they adding? How do you
become considered for peering with PSI?

I have a similer problem with BBN. They have a pop <14 feet from me in
Dallas. I can't get past the "retail sales" blockage to reach a
technical person inorder to discuss peerage. Email to ops@bbnplanet
eventually dissapears. This even after BBN people at nanog have said
that in these type of cases they could be interested in this sort of
private peerage.

Everyone probably just has too much work to do :frowning: