Any Cisco-experienced folks wanna tackle this one?

I will expect replies to this message directly as it doesn't really fit
into the normal fodder for nanog, but it is a last ditch effort for problem

I have a customer who I am integrating into our network via a T1 link and
have already gotten all the nominal routing setup prepared. This customer
is using RFC1918 addressing on his LAN, and requires a firewall-type
solution with NAT capabilities. Bless this customer for thinking ahead
with his internal addressing :=)

Anyway, I have run into a problem with his hardware/software provisioning
and I think this can be recreated in a lab environment:

Cisco 1601 router
6 MB Flash
IP Plus/Firewall IOS version 11.3
(actual image name: c1600-nosy-mz.113-3.T )

Everytime I have start the router, I get a software crash that TAC says
should not be happening.

If anyone else might have this equipment setting around, and be willing to
replicate this and see what happens for you, I would much appreciate
hearing about it. I'm thinking I've found an ewps in the code/hardware
configuration and have just provisioned a non-working solution. I'd like to
hear what the rest of you might come up with. Yes, I know it's a small
configuration, but surely we've all got lessor routers in the field with
similar requirements.

Thanks in advance if you would assist

Kevin Brown

So I take it you cannot load the IOS in the flash? Have you tried getting
into ROMMON> by breaking the boot? That may help decipher where the
problem lies. It may be the pre-boot flash (I think the Ciscos have a
shrunken bootflash and then a full size IOS image in flash).

My $0.02.