Anti-trust Investigation of Network Solutions (fwd)

This came across com-priv - I'm not supporting it in
any way, this is the second thing I've seen come from
the WP that gives no actual fact to back up its assertion,
but nonetheless ..

-- From com-priv --


Network Solutions Inc. (NSI), the Herndon, Virginia company
selected by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 1995 to
control the assignment of all Internet domain names, is now
under scrutiny by the Justice Department for possible violation
of antitrust laws.

The actual fact that backs up this assertion is NSI's filing with the SEC.
You can see the filing at
<>, and when
that page is in your browser (it's a couple of hundred K in size) just
search for "justice". NSI discloses the Justice Department action in that

NSF intends not to renew NSI's contract when it expires next
year, but the company says it does not plan to give up its
responsibility for the domains it registers (.com, .edu., .net.,
and .org). The company is also in the process of going public
and is planning a stock offering worth as much as $35 million.

        16. Myth: In April 1998 there will be significant changes
        to the .com, .org, and .net registration process.

        Fact: There will be no operational changes to domain name
        registrations in .com, .org and .net. Registrations and
        updates in these registries will continue as they
        are today with the likely addition of new service offerings.

I don't know how NSI can state this as a fact, given that under the terms
of the contract that will expire in April 1998, NSF has the power to
require NSI to hand over *everything* necessary for someone else to
administer .com, .org and .net.

Carl says:

From someone I know who is in a mamangement position with NSI I just

received the following:


take a look at the S-1 document at:

and you'll see that the risks are very clearly stated. The
document Carl quotes is not from the S-1.

Cook: this person sent this to me privately rather than to the list. As
far as i can tell high level NSI management has instituted a prohibition
on lower level NSI management from posting to these lists. Now if they
did a good job of doing it themselves, this might be ok. But point of
fact is they don't do it, and when they do it is too late, too little and
too defensive. Witness the fiasco during the just concluded weekend on
the updates of the root nameservers and david holtzmans belated reply.

At the very top it is my opinion that NSI is being run by the old line
corporate control types who don't have a clue about the internet or the
standards of communication expected from an internet company. Its a
DAMNED shame because NSI is not a think an evil company. However by its
general lack of communication....too little to late, it is cutting its
throat with the net community.

If it continues to operate this way it will only make its current problems
worse. And no Chris Clough has not been an acceptable effective
communicator for NSI. Would any NSI person recieving this response do me
the favor of forwarding it to Don Telage and Gabe Batista?

I should not need to be the relay for the url above.