ANS to CIX Interconnection

While this might be possible this scheme would cause some administrative
    problems. Currently the backbone ENSS's and CNSS's carry full external
    routes in their tables, with each ENSS having an IBGP session with all
    other nodes. I think a better long term solution would be to
    try to move away from using default and on to full routing information
    exchange at AS borders (using aggregation of course). An example
    of the kind of problem we would run into using the ENSS-filtering
    approach is that all peers of that ENSS would have to use the
    same policy.

Why not split the ENSS's out of the IBGP "cloud" and use external-BGP between
the ENSS's and CNSS's? This would likely require that an addition AS number
and non-140.222 network be assigned to each ENSS, but it seems to fit more
logically into the CNSS/ENSS architecture. It would also greatly reduce the
number of IBGP sessions inside the T3 backbone. Comments?