ANS to CIX Interconnection

Is there a reason why complete information is in the ENSS rather than the
My understanding of the agreement is that it is for the benefit of ANSnet
and the CIX, so why should the regionals have to adjust the way they are set
up? I'm not just saying this to be contrary (Honest). I am really
interested in knowing why this method was chosen. As others have pointed
out it move the burden of enforcing policy restriction to individual
AS pairs. Comments?

  You are correct that our interpretation of the AUP situation is that
the burden is on the regionals/midlevels to enforce the policies as
they apply to their institutions. This can be done by simply issuing
a public statement to all users that people should only use the
NSFNET for purposes of research and education. Or it can be done
a bit more drastically by filtering out routes. The actual
implementation of filters needs to be done in the regional's
peer router when default routing is used.
  Does this help?

It does provide something of a clarification BUT I still have
many questions.

Does this mean that NSFnet will now take NACRs for any network and we
no longer need to claim that people will abide by the AUP? This seems to
me to be a radical change in policy. What is the reason for this shift?
If people are still bound by the AUP and regionals can not submit
NACRs for non AUP sites than it appears to me that we now have two classes
of citizens on the Net. Those that can transmit any kind of packet
and make the rest of the people bear the burden of preventing traffic we
don't want and those of us who can't :frowning:

I can understand that Merit does not want to enforce specific regional access
policys *but* the regionals have been able to count on getting traffic
that fits a specific AUP requirement from the NSFnet. This is no longer
true. Can you tell me how this change benefits the regionals or even
NSFnet? Can you tell me why you aren't keeping complete information in the
CNSSs instead of the ENSSs? I can't see the problem you are solving by
engaging in this activity.

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