ANS NOC move

The ANS NOC (formerly part of Merit) has been located on the North
Campus of the University of Michigan for many years now. Many of you,
have visited us at one time or another.

We have grown considerably in the past two years and the University
was not able to accomodate our growing space needs. So with mixed
feelings, we started looking for another suitable space in Ann Arbor.

I am pleased to report that on February 7, the ANS Network Operations
Center will be moving to our new location, where we have over 11,000
square feet of freshly renovated space.

Our new address will be:

  Advanced Network & Services, Inc.
  100 Phoenix Dr.
  Ann Arbor, MI 48108-2202

Our 800 number will remain the same; 800-456-6300. The local NOC number,
however, will change to 313-677-7333. The new general number for ANS in
Ann Arbor will be 313-677-7300.

We will be staging the moving of the various NOC systems, equipment
and staff, so as to assure a smooth transistion and prevent any
service disruptions.

And you are all, of course, invited to see our new place...