Another UUNET Explanation

On the inverse, routers--if designed properly, can be 10 times better
because of lower overhead, cost effectiveness, etc. I don't think this
is going to be a debate that one will win in this forum. There are
many router only based backbones, such as ours, Digex, etc. Then there
are the many on the fr/router side.. just as "effective" one might


There is nothing inherently good or bad about switches either. The problem
comes in, as Sean stated far more eloquently than I can, when layer 2 and
layer 3 each have their own intelligence and do not work together. This is
probably the single most problematic part of the layer 2 + layer 3 designs
I've seen implemented.

While this has in large part caused by the lack of correct tools to build such
a beast, when you are trying to tie a necktie with two hands and your left and
right hands don't coordinate, you sometime end up hanging yourself instead.