Another UUNET Explanation

Here is a message that we received from UUNET today. It seems that they
are full of various explanations.

  July 01, 1997

  Dear UUNET Customer,

  Please accept our apologies if you have experienced any service
  interruptions over the past 24 hours. The cause of these
problems has
  been traced to a software defect within our Cascade Frame Relay

  UUNET is working closely with Cascade to fully understand the
cause and
  effects of these problems and is in the process of identifying a
  fix. This may include rapidly deploying new software into the

  We will provide periodic updates throughout the day as further
  becomes available. Routing instabilities may continue at a
  capacity over the next 24-48 hours as switches receive updates.

  Thank you for your patience during this period. Again, we
apologize for
  any inconvenience which these outages may have caused you or


  UUNET Technologies, Inc.