Another reason to not use MAPS

1) This message had no operational content.
2) None of /., your posting here, nor any of the varied
   messages in newsgroups appear to have had enough
   research to bother looking at the actual complaints
   and responses and what actual issues are involved
   in MAPS v Feyck. MAPS is certainly not without
   its flaws, but the specific nature of the offense
   alleged has nothing to do with the rabid frothing.

-george william herbert

You have to at least admit this is the biggest one yet to hit the fan.
And there's plenty of operational concern for those that have some
foresight. As former MAPS evangelist Nick Nicholas put it:

"MAPS is no longer devoting its energy to fighting spam and
co-operating with others in that fight..." "Rand also claimed
that, if he chose to, he 'could shut down half of the DNSBLs out
there' if he wanted to."

And probably take out half the Internet's electronic communications too.
If he only wanted to, he could press that red button... Chaos.

Besides, this is not the only instance in which MAPS officials have
clobbered other fellow partisans for capricious reasons. The revolution
has started to eat their young.

You have sheepishly entrusted the fate of your connectivity to an
unstable bunch of predators without a government mandate. What about
if tomorrow they take YOU out? Or blackhole most of YOUR country?

The rare glimpse into the inner workings of MAPS offered first-hand
by a former insider shows none of these holier-than-thou vigilante
groups can be entrusted with de-facto powers of regulating electronic
communications. Government intervention is urgently required, if for
no other reason than as a matter of national security. Let's not
forget why such distributed communications network was started in the
first place.


Excellent idea. I choose the Finnish government. Or were you
contemplating some less-qualified government I've seen messing around in
these parts?


Nobody cares. Fix your open relay server and you won't have these
problems. Until then, said vigilantes will continue to regard you as
spamming slime (as they should).