Announcing The New "MAE-EAST"

In the true MAE spirit, I rented a parking place right next to the door to
MAE-East. I've parked a UHaul trailer in that space with a really big
Ethernet switch on it. Power comes from an extension cord to the ceiling
light. Since they never turn off the lights, I have 24x7 power available.
Ventilation comes from passing traffic and I have a backup fan in my truck.
Aircraft avoidance is made possible by rapid mobility (I keep the motor on
my pickup running.) Forklift upgrades are entirely avoided since I already
have a pickup truck. Marketing is simple. "Everyone you never heard of is
already connected to Kent's Trailer Exchange." If we decide we don't like
the MAE-East garage we can simply move it, if your drop cables are long
enough. I avoid latency problems by running the switch at faster than light
speeds. There is no packet shredding at Kent's Trailer Exchange, although
from time to time I rewrite packets and turn all the IP options on, just
for fun. Statistics are quite easy too. I've already published the traffic
growth charts for the next 12 months. see

In short Kent's Trailer Exchange has everything you could want in a
slapped-together public exchange point. Next time you leave MAE-East, drag
a fiber drop on your way out the door and meet me at the trailer. We'll
have you up and running in a giffy. Oh, and bring a cup of hot coffee. It's
getting damned cold in the garage this time of year.

President, CEO, Chairman, Chief Architect, Webmaster & Publicist
Kent's Trailer Exchange
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