Announcing new route (What besides BGP?)


I think there may be an issue of terms here.

I believe that there is relatively little truly incorrect data in the
RADB. By "incorrect", I mean data that would result in incorrect or
missing routing.

There is a fairly large amount of "obsolete" data that is virtually
impossible to track down because it is abandoned. Routes that were
transferred from the PRDB are especially likely to be obsolete, but I
have stumbled on a number of routes registered to various organization
and placed in the RADB when the organization either no longer exists
or no longer is connected using that route.

This is a less serious problem in that it never results in failed
routing. It does have some slight security implications, but I don't
see a really significant way to exploit these.

The bottom line is that we (ESnet) has been using the IRR to generate
portions of our router configuration for several years with very good

And I still believe that record expiration will be needed some day
because the database will accumulate abandoned data and continue to
grow until things start to get un-manageable. I have no idea how close
this is to happening, but I suspect that it is NOT near.

In any case, I think we are in basic agreement.

We use both RIPE Data base and our own network data base to generate
STRICT filtering by IP prefixes for our peers and customers (except some
who are _trusted_ because they are too big or are our providers for the
european/USA connectivity.