Announcing new route (What besides BGP?)


> use. Or, if it has been replaced/supplemented with something else. Is
> there a FAQ I should have bookmarked which contains this information? Or,
> if there isn't could someone point me in the right direction?

Half of the information in the raddb is outdated and erroneous.

That's a bogus statement. The ANS stats show a very good picture, albeit
from their perspective, of how much/little error there is. If you look
at many MLPAs, newer Bi-lats, BGP requirements for downstreams to be
turned up, etc, you'll see people requiring IRR registration.

Joe Provo

If you subscribe to you can get a picture
of the worst IRR discrepancies. If your peered with a route server
you can check for discrepancies between your BGP policy and your IRR
entries. If you need help with RADB entries the staff at Merit is
very helpfully.

One of the nice things about the RA project has been the support
shown for MLPAs. As a co-author of the Chicago NAP/AADS MLPA I worked
with Jessica Yu (then at Merit) and Mark Knopper to make it easy
for an MLPA member to use the router server. If used properly the
the RADB in conjunction with the RATools can be used to annalize routing
polices and aide you in the configuration of border routers.
The RATools can be used to auto generate Cisco and gated configs
from the IRR

Peering via the router servers has a number of advantages, especially
for smaller network operators. The router servers have build in
dampening and they provide for a central peering point, thus reducing
CPU load on your router during periods of route instability.

The IRR with the RATools and web pages are great tools for analyzing
and maintaining operation of the defaultless core. All network
operators should be encouraged to maintain accurate entries in
the IRR.

It would be a bad thing if the IRR became irrelevant due to the laziness
of network operators.

If half the information in the IRRb is outdated and erroneous
then it should be corrected.