ANNOUNCEMENT: NANOG 9 Date Change (fwd)

> > > > btw, would there be any interest in the growthrates of
> > > > selected exchanges?
> > > >
> Not a likely possiblity. With some of the exchanges,
> this data is near impossible to gather. I'd be happy
> to post growth rates in the form of participants.

How about routes presented? I'm looking for a relative measure
of size for the participants at the IXP, as opposed to just
a count of number of participants.

  Perhaps, but that data would only be a very loose approximation,
  since the only data I have access to is historical data of
  peerings with the route servers and IRR data. And as you are
  well aware, particularly in the early days, there was not
  universal acceptance of either technology.

  I think I'll stay with the participant count and consider
  how to start collecting the data you are after for future