[ANNOUNCE] New US West Territory ISP mailing list

Okay I just have to ask... Isn't California in the West? Or have you
assumed that the big earthquake has come and we have fallen off into
the ocean? :slight_smile:


    Announcing a new mailing list for ISPs unfortunate enough to operate in
    one of US West's 14 states:
    Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa,
    Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico
    The purpose of the list is an attempt for ISPs to gain strength in numbers
    and support each other in dealing with our favorite telco, US West, as
    well as dealing with our respective Public Service Comissions to force US
    West to "play fair".
    As you probably know, US West is in the process of introducing DSL in 40
    markets. The co-marketing of USWEST internet access via USWEST.NET ALONG
    with the DSL line is a major problem and the current hot topic on the
    mailing list. The ISPs in Oregon and Washington (who happen to have
    Public Service Comissions with a spine) have won important concessions in
    regards to DSL and the marketing of it.
    It is very simply to subscribe, just send an empty email to:
    To unsubscribe send one to:
    Please forward this email to any ISPs which could benefit.
    Dax Kelson
    Internet Connect, Inc.
    Salt Lake City, UT

Last I checked, California was not serviced by US Worst, it was serviced
by SBC/PacBell.

[disclaimer: "Of course, I may be wrong."] :wink:

Actually, I hear a real bad rumor that USwest may try and encroach in CA.