And we thought the text part of the Starr Report would be bad

As you would expect, they only get the real experts to speak:

"While Bergman was confident's plans to stream the video in its
entirety would go fine, Martin Hall of the IP Multicast Initiative says
the real problems would occur at the user's
end of the line.

The standard T1 connection of an Internet service provider handles a
maximum of 53 dialup connections pumping data to a user, he said, but a
54th user could cause a major problem."

The number of dialups on a T1, the number of bytes in a framed ATM cell.
I see a telco conspiracy here. (:slight_smile: for the humor impaied)


It could be a conspiracy, or it could be they multiplied 28.8 kbps times
53 and 54... :slight_smile: It took me a few minutes to figure out how they came up
with those numbers as well.. They used the wrong figure for a T1 though..
You can only fit 1.536 Mbps of real data down a T1 unless you've figured
out a funky way to send it across using the framing bits.

8 b per channel * 24 channels per frame * 8000 frames per s = 1536000 bps
28.8 kbps * 53 = 1.526 Mbps
28.8 kbps * 54 = 1.555 Mbps

So technically they should have used the numbers 52 and 53. :slight_smile:


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