And so it ends...

But are they going to go up against someone big?

Do Lilly, DuPont and Merck need /8? HP need a /7?

You decide. Make a policy proposal, if enough agree the database
changes and is reflected in many ISP networks.

"we route therefore you are"

I imagine (ianal) they would have to sue every ISP using ARIN data, I
don't see how ARIN should be sued for changing some text in their
memmers database at the request of their members.

If the prefix concerned wasn't in use on the net I imagine
they'd have a hard time but they're probably all reading
this and thinking "let's just advertise it in case someone
land grabs anyway". If there were to be good reason to do
this I imagine peopel would try a more friendly approach first.

If the space was used in, for example, China on services that
the legacy user never used and the new user never needed to contact
the legacy user they'd probably not even notice.