an RBL for virus alert senders?

Is there an RBL for mail servers run by brain dead "postmasters" that insist on running anti-viral software that sends out less-than-useless "virus alerts", "virus in your email", "banned attachment" spewage to the guaranteed-to-be-forged "From" address in the message headers?
I wouldn't mind never receiving another piece of email from servers like that again. Ever.

Bueller? Bueller?


A number of DNSBLs now includes zones for outscatter (aka "backscatter")
senders running either broken anti-virus s/w, broken anti-spam s/w,
broken mailers, or broken appliances.


for a useful collection of links. For DNSBLs, I believe you may wish
to look at:

(Keep in mind that the last was written by folks whose native tongue
is German, so cut them some slack on spelling/grammar errors.)

I think (but am not sure) that Spamcop also lists outscatter senders.