An Internet IPv6 Transition Plan

Let us not forget that network vendors are now capitalising on the requirement to purchase expensive licensing for such features as native IPv6 routing and 6PE, on their mid to high end kit.

I dont feel this sort of behaviour is helpful, I can understand asking for licensing fees for L2VPN/L3VPN technologies since these are products that service providers can levvy a reasonable charge for, but to charge for IPv6 routing capability alone, at the time where the discussion of which has never been so serious, leaves a bit of a bad taste in one's mouth.

This is one reason we moved to the Foundry XMR. Their purchase price includes all features such as ISIS, BGP, MPLS, IPv6, etc. Since other vendors charge too much (imho) for licensing, some projects like MPLS enabling a network or moving to IPv6 will not happen right away. New services will not be added which will not lead to new gear being purchased to help keep up with the growth of new services. If a few engineers want to play with some features or add a new service for a single client or two as a trial, but it is a multi-million dollar exercise in licensing, it won't happen until there is a business case and by then you are following the herd and not leading it. By that time your people are 2-3 years behind their peers in learning how to implement and support the new technology and you've lost potential clients and services too. Just my $.02.


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