Americas II Landing Station (Hollywood, Florida).


I am looking for a contact who may be able to help us with getting more info (on getting space/power) so that we can terminate our Dark Fiber transport there.

Not sure who is responsible for this facility, most of the Tel# I am finding are disconnected.

Many Thanks in advance.


Faisal Imtiaz
Snappy Internet & Telecom
7266 SW 48 Street
Miami, FL 33155
Tel: 305 663 5518 x 232

Help-desk: (305)663-5518 Option 2 or Email:

don't most of the oceanic cable systems operate basically like:

1) some consortium pays/builds the stations and link(s)
2) that consortium (cabal?) is the only set of providers able to sell on
the link(s)
3) sale on links and provisioning to the links happens away from the
station, and back at 'network pops' owned by the individual consortium

So, if you are a consortium member you already have gear a the station, if
you aren't (and didn't arrange to buy an entire fiber from one consortium
member) you don't get to the station, you get to one of the pops.