Amazon Prime video NOC contact


we are an italian ISP/WISP and we are experiecing trouble with Amazon Prime Video. They blocked our customers that cannot view the video. The error says that our IP class is located ouside italy. But this is wrong.

Have you a contact we can get in touch with?

thanks in advance!
Davide Gelardi

Hi Davide,

You may have some luck here:

Amazon staff working on Prime Video monitor and respond on that forum. The individuals reading may not be the right people, but they’ll likely be on a first name basis with someone who is.

Bill Herrin

I have had no luck from that forum.
Davide, I will contact you off list.

Bradley & Davide,

I work for an ISP located in central Ohio and we’re experiencing the a similar issue with a newly acquired IP Block, it’s flagged as a VPN/Proxy.

I’ve not had any success trying their forums or trying to climb through their customer service ladder to hope someone knowledgeable receives my ticket.

Bradley, if you have any contact info I would greatly appreciate a message off list.

Davide, if you are able to resolve this issue, please advise how you were able to do so.

May I have (at least some of) your permission to put this in front of someone at AMZ?


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