Amazon Prime Video contact


Is there a contact for Amazon Prime Video - we are seeing a block of
IPs that are used for a content filtering solution being flagged as
proxies (which they are, but not in that way...) - which is impacting
a number of our customers.



Geoguard takes care of Amazon, they were pretty responsive for me.

Elijah Zeida
Network Administrator
AirBridge Broadband

Amazon does have a process to investigate these issues and unfortunately the information on the Brothers WISP page is dated (that page took over the data which was referenced in previous NANOG presentations). I strongly recommend that any ISP who has blocked IPs or customers reporting issues ensure that an Amazon ticket is opened. Although it is possible to open such a ticket through CS channels, I am happy to open a ticket for anyone who contacts me off-list (and I am currently opening a ticket for David).

There are several data providers which allow you to search their information and also report false positives which is important given that multiple streaming providers can use the same data, but unfortunately not all are as transparent. So the feedback on this provider is helpful and useful, but I would suggest contacting the streaming providers too. And I would like to know of ISPs having issues with Prime Video - there are multiple data sources used, so if you use a whack-a-mole approach you may run into a frustrating dead-end.