ALTDB Problems


I'm having some problems to send a new record to ALTDB by using mail.

Old records work OK and I can update.

Someone here at nanog is having same issues? Is there any ALTDB admins here?


I recently submitted a new record -- I didn't receive an automated reply,
but the database did reflect the entry when I had checked back the next day.

ALTDB is free and you get what you pay for.

However. Donations to would probably get requests done a lot faster.

Thanks Steve.

I Know that ALTDB is free, they do a great job for free, I don't complain about the delay! :slight_smile:

I'm just checking if there are some outage or similar issue.

I sure will see the donation question close.


so, each time someone wants to update they need to donate to make sure it
gets processed in a timely matter?

or do you track who donates and give priority to their updates?

dont get me wrong - its a great cause, and people should donate if they can

if the project is short of volunteers - i'm sure there are people in the
community who would not mind helping out


No, every update does not require a donation. In fact, very little of what goes on on the database requires my intervention at all.
Only new maintainers and a few other bits of administrivia require that. Right now I am very busy and do not have time to deal with things at the speed required by some people. As I have always said, "if you require immediate support I recommend the very fine RADB service run by Merit."