Altavista Hacked ?

Anyone confirm that Altavista's home page was hacked today ?

10:30 am EST I went there and found their "usual home page" included
in a page that said hello to some hackers and had some small message
about the page being hacked. When I got back to checking it at 15:00
EST that page was gone and the "usual Altavista home page" had
George J. Broadfoot III
VP of Operations
Laser Link Network Services, Inc.
610.566.2993 FAX 610.566.9093

Thanks for the info, I will investigate this.


The hacked page was not Digital's Altavista page, it was Altavista
Technologies ( page who has a link to the real Altavista
page which is (

Please be sure when reporting these things to major groups such as NANOG
that you are pointing to the correct site, you caused a couple of us to
leave our BBQ's on Labor Day.

Have a good Labor Day ...