Alpha test of MAE filtering capability

Dear Mr. Pearson,

I just noticed a message right before this from Stan Barber, directing people
to a search engine for NANOG notes. I suggest that you hop on that site and
search from something like "default route", "peering" (which ought to be fun
to read anyway), and maybe "peering abuse" or something like that. In fact,
you may want to browse through the entire site, and become familiar with
the last NANOG before you go jumping around and sticking your foot in your

However, you are most likely a busy person, so I'll graciously pass on my
thoughts (having attended the most recent NANOG meeting in A2), concerning
Mr. Feldman's announcement.

During that NANOG, concern was expressed over the ease of abusing the
exchange point by pointing a default route at any member of that exchange
point. Obviously this only works on an exchange point where any entity can
reach any other entity whether or not a peering agreement exists (a feature
pointed out by our friends at the ATM NAP's). The solution that Mr. Feldman
allows us to at least eliminate possible abuse from non peers. If a peer
chooses to commit such abuse, one can just terminate the peering session,
a stiff penalty in our current times (considering the increasing difficulty of
obtaining valuable peering agreements), and add that entities IP address to
the above mentioned filter list on the exhange point switch.

We, who were recently a victim of such abuse, will definately use this feature
as soon as it is made available.

Thank you for your patience while reading my take (and this is only my take)
on this subject. Hope to see you at the next NANOG on Feb 10th & 11th.

Chris A. Icide
Nap.Net, L.L.C.