Alpha test of MAE filtering capability

In response to requests from several customers for a filtering solution
at MAE EAST and MAE WEST, MFS WorldCom is developing an automated
system to enable ISPs to control traffic destined for their own routers
and networks.

ISPs using this service will be able to specify, by IP address, which
MAE-attached routers they wish to accept or block traffic from.

On Monday, February 17th, MFS WorldCom will begin live alpha trials of
this capability at MAE WEST with a small set of providers who have
agreed to help us test this service option. We expect to extend the
trial to MAE EAST shortly after and will notify you of the exact date.
This means participating ISPs can begin filtering traffic to their
routers at their discretion once the alpha period has started.

Assuming the trial proceeds as expected, MFS WorldCom plans to
introduce filtering as a new service option later in 1997.

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns
about the MAE filtering service.

Steve Feldman