Allocation of IP Addresses

Doug Sheppard writes:

> Can you grow an infinite amount of additional food?

  Yes, you can. That is how people have been able to eat since
  the beginning of time.

Sorry, but no. Given current technology, there is a finite amount of
food available. Even given any conceivable technology, you could not
turn more atoms into food than we have on the planet. More
practically, during famines in some places on earth, there is
sometimes less food than needed. None the less, market allocation of
food works pretty well.

> Can you buy more gold than there is on the planet?

  We don't know exactly how much gold there is on the planet.
  That's why we still mine it.

Virtually all the gold in human hands was mined long ago. Mining adds
fairly little to our gold stores. All the gold on earth in human
hands, by the way, fits nicely into a cube less than 20 meters on a
side, and probably there is not more than a small amount that could be
added to that by all the mining we could ever do.

> Can you make more land than we have?

  Sure, keep on stacking.

Stacking isn't the question. We have "stacking" for IP addresses --
you can use NAT boxes or firewalls. The question is "how much land is
there" and the answer is "a finite amount. The surface of the earth is

Look whats happening with people buying up domain
names just to make a buck reselling them to suckers!

So? Big deal. Its a legitimate business. I see nothing wrong with it.

These same people would attempt to do the same with addresses.

Again, why is this different from someone buying land and expecting in
twenty years that someone else will want it?