Allocation of IP Addresses

"David R. Conrad" writes:

Your proposal is? If you say charging for address space, please
explain what would stop deep pocket companies from buying up all the
address space?

If you start charging for food, what would stop deep pocket companies
from buying up all the food?

If you start charging rent for apartments, what would stop deep pocket
companies from renting all the apartments?


Well Perry, I basically agree with you.

But there is perhaps a reasonable concern that any price which is
reasonable to the little guy might be an unfair opportunity for the
big guy to corner the little guy out. I know, you have arguments how
you hope this won't happen, but then again we're dealing with a rather
artificial resource (meaning, more like the breakup of AT&T, going
from a non-privatized, regulated system to a purely privatized one,
some damage to any potential or idealized free market has already been
done so pricing+supply aberrations are thus more possible.)

ANYHOW, gosh we've been around this corner before, the obvious
suggestion at least for starters is some sort of sliding scale where
one is rewarded, somewhat, for being parsimonious or at least matching
their needs to their actual business activity. And conversely one is
penalized, somewhat, for being unreasonable.

Given the address architecture it's not entirely a no-brainer to
design such a system. But it could look something like an exponential
charge based on length of prefix (after all, it is an exponent), and
I'd suggest some negative feedback for holding a lot of long prefixes
(that is, hoarding the cheap ones.)

Anyhow, it could evolve from there to a simple market kind of thing.

        -Barry Shein

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