Allocation of IP Addresses

clarification...this is over opposed to an ISP who would
say "we can't give you any more...go to the NIC" Most larger ISP's
can even reserve a contiguous block for you...and just delegate
parts at a time...

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Even so, you may run into trouble when you need your next block of IP
space if the NIC doesn't agree with your allocation policies. And if you
give out a /24, /23, or /22 to a new ISP but reserve a /19 for them, you
will have under-utilized your old space by the current interpretations used
by the NIC, I believe. Hey, I don't make the rules. Neither does Kim,
but she does interpret them.

I would love to know if the NIC is allowing as reasonable reserved
allocations of /19s (of course, /19s won't get past the Sprint route
import filters) for new or even semi-new and expanding ISPs.

"NIC is allowing as reasonable" == when looking at your %age of space
in your total existing allocations that isn't used, an "acceptable"
explanation is that you've reserved it for growth by a set of people.